LYFE: Leading Yourself into Future Endeavors

Each Winter Semester, WSR hosts a week-long event to help women make decisions, find empowerment in education, and become lifelong learners and leaders in their various spheres of influence. The 2018 LYFE Campaign will be held March 7th-9th.

Potential activities include:
• Panel discussions on education and life-planning
• Resume and interview workshops
• Self-promotion workshops
• Graduate school Q&A panel/information session
• Career exploration services

The importance of women's education is clear, but the pathway to academic, professional, and familial success can seem complicated. In a BYU Devotional, Elder Dallin H. Oaks stated:

"Our young women's primary orientation toward motherhood is not inconsistent with their diligent pursuit of an education, even their efforts in courses of study that are vocationally related. According to current life expectancies, a 20-year-old woman can look forward to more than 50 additional years of life. Not all of that time will be spent in bearing children and raising families...A young woman's education should prepare her for more than the responsibilities of motherhood. It shoud prepare her for the entire period of her life."