Meet the Staff

Dixie Sevison • Director     801-422-4455 

Dixie Sevison is the Director of Women’s Services & Resources at Brigham Young University.  She was born in the beautiful state of Washington, did most of her growing-up in Boise, Idaho and continues to complete her growing-up in the great state of Utah.  Dixie earned a bachelor’s degree from BYU in Family Living and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Servant-Leadership from Gonzaga University. 

Prior to working at BYU, Dixie worked for Utah Valley University for 20 years. The majority of her time was spent working in the Center for Personal and Career Development/Turning Point where she served as the assistant director and then the director. 

Dixie is passionate about helping others to create success for themselves.  She has taught classes in personal development, career development, marriage preparation, and divorce adjustment.  In addition to these classes she also presents on co-parenting and leadership.   

When left to her own devices, you will find Dixie with her nose in a good book, at the movie theater, or out on a walk enjoying nature.


Shalene Matthews • Office Manager    801-422-4877

Shalene Matthews was born in New Mexico, but because of her father’s military service, lived on both U.S. coasts before she was four years old. The rest of her life has been spent in Virginia and Utah, her current home. Shalene earned an honors associates degree from Utah Valley University (UVU) in 2004.
Previous to working at BYU, Shalene worked at UVU for 14 years, mostly in the Center for Personal and Career Development/Turning Point. Shalene loves traveling, being at the beach or in the mountains, eating good food, watching sports, and going to movies—all done in the company of good friends or family. Her varied life experiences and love of people make being in Women’s Services & Resources a great fit.​



Taryn Mourik • Events Coordinator     801-422-6222

Taryn Mourik grew up in Lehi, Utah and she has been at BYU for the past three years. Her passion for people and the world around her has led her to pursue a degree in public relations at BYU with a minor in Design. She caught the travel bug when she traveled to Australia in 2013 to visit her sister and has since been to 12 other countries including Iceland, Denmark, and Italy. Taryn has a passion for the great outdoors, Harry Potter, family, cooking writing, and dancing. She was recently married to the love her life, Aidan, in the LDS Mount Timpanogos Temple. She and her husband enjoy dancing in the kitchen, hiking, cooking Thai curry, and eating Thai curry. Taryn has been working at WSR as the event coordinator for two years and has developed a love of the work that the office does and the women that it serves. 


Annie Dye • Wellness Specialist     801-422-4877     Instagram: @byuwsrwellness

Annie Dye grew up in Southern California and loves all things nutrition and wellness. She is a senior studying Dietetics at BYU, graduating in April 2018. Annie is passionate about collaborative progress toward a healthy and happy lifestyle and believes that can be a reality for anyone who desires it! She has loved her experience teaching elementary school nutrition lessons, working as a health coach at Y Be Fit, and organizing service projects such as serving dinner at the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge. Annie enjoys cooking, trying new foods, outdoor adventures, and a good nap on the beach.   


Tori Hamilton • Designer     801-422-4877


Julia Tebbs • Campaign Specialist     801-422-4877

Julia Tebbs grew up in Houston, TX and Las Vegas, NV. She is currently in her junior year of the Experience Design & Management major at BYU. She loves organizing, planning, and events! She has loved her experiences teaching English in the Dominican Republic, working outside on BYU Grounds, and planning campus activities within BYUSA. Julia enjoys baking, running, hiking, and longboarding down the canyon with her hubby. She is passionate about helping women receive the resources and help they need and is excited to be part of the staff!


Carson Clark • Girls Empowered Coordinator     801-422-4877

Carson Clark grew up in Salt Lake City, with three brothers and one sister. She is obsessed with all things that have to do with the sun: Arizona, summer, sunflowers, and studying next to BIG windows.To keep up with her brothers she would run, play lacrosse, ski during the cold months and mountain bike during the warm ones. She served a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Rome, Italy and now teaches Italian at the Missionary Training Center. Throughout her life, she saw many friends and family struggle with eating disorders. This led her to major in Sociology with a minor in Women’s Studies at BYU with the goal of getting a masters in Abnormal Psych and become an Eating Disorder Psychologist. She wants to make a difference in the community by leading the club through Women’s Services and Resources is, “Girls Empowered”, by teach young girls how to be healthy, happy and comfortable in their own skin.