Nutrition & Wellness

We created these Fact Sheets so you could have access to reliable, helpful, and gospel-minded information on a variety of topics relevant to women. You may use them to confront personal challenges, learn more about women's issues, support family members and friends, or even plan a Relief Society lesson or class presentation. Hard copies are available free of charge in our office, or you may download and print these PDF versions yourself. 

Binge Eating
Body Image
Celiac Disease
Eating Disorders Overview
Exercise and Fitness
Freshmen Fifteen
Grocery Shopping on a Budget
Healthy Relationship with Food
Vegetarian Nutrition

Guest Fact Sheets:
"How To Be A Kitchen Rock Star" by Mel from Mel's Kitchen Cafe
"How To Get Dinner On The Table With Your Sanity In Tact" by Mel from Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Below are some additional resources, links, and articles you may find useful.

•  National Eating Disorders Association
•  Beauty Redefined: Positive Body Image
•  Meal Planning with Utah State Extension Office
•  Choose My Plate: USDA
•  BYU Biofeedback Lab
•  Community Action Services and Food Bank