Values & Goals

Our Values
Compassion: We will provide services in a spirit of compassion, hope, and understanding.

Integrity: Our actions and words will demonstrate integrity, authenticity, and strong moral principles.

Respect: We will respect all with whom we come in contact and we value the opinions and perspectives of others.

Trust: We will be dependable, loyal, and genuinely committed to those we serve, university administration, and the community.

Our Goals
• Provide a physically and emotionally safe place where women can express their feelings,
concerns, viewpoints, and ideas

• Provide opportunities for women to help, befriend, and network with other women

• Develop women as future leaders in their families, communities, and worldwide

Sustain the BYU administration in their efforts and in all ways support the mission and aims of the university

• Foster an environment that encourages teamwork and provides for the success, growth, and fulfillment of WSR staff

• Ensure accountability to the students, donors, and administration of BYU, as well as to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints