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Eating Disorder Awareness (EDA)

Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDA) starts the conversation about the reality of eating disorders. This is done by educating students on: disordered eating, how to build positive body image, and how to help someone who is struggling with an eating disorder. This campaign is held every February.

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Tips on Intuitive Eating

Check out our social media for tips on having a mindful relationship with food!



Eating Disorder Awareness Gallery

Walk by the BYU Women's Services & Resources office (3326 WSC) to read statistics and resources for recovery.

Keynote Speaker: Emily Fonnesbeck, RD, CD

Click the link below to Emily's advice to BYU students struggling with an eating disorder or body image issues.

Keynote Speaker Video

Eating Disorder Recovery TED Talk

Click the link below to a TED talk about eating disorder recovery.

TED Talk Video

Mindful Yoga

If you're not already on our yoga list, email to get a link to our mindful yoga class!