About Us
About Us

Who We Are.

The Women's Services and Resources office provides services and information about women's issues to the BYU community. We provide events, consultations, and support groups to empower women to be successful in their personal and academic journeys. Through our office, students can access information about services for women and various community resources. Even though we are equipped to mainly serve the female population, we enlist men as allies in creating a culture of nonviolence and welcome their concerns in regard to the women in their lives.


Here at Women's Services we want you to know that we support you in the challenges facing women. The support groups and consultations we provide are designed to aid you in dealing with issues big and small, from breakups to eating disorders and everything in between.  We are here to buoy you up in your quest for happiness and success with the resources we can promise: educated staff members and trained counselors who are here to be informed friends, the most current information on your concerns, and an office committed to helping you live a life of authenticity and joy.


Women have an innate power to create bonds with other women through communication. Women's Services is here to facilitate real, deep connection between women because we will address the issues you can't talk about with anyone else. Struggling with an eating disorder, an abusive relationship, a partner with a pornography problem, or just the stress of life can be isolating and heartbreaking. You are not alone. We are here to link you to other women who have faced with similar concerns, as well as professionals and additional resources. We will inform you of all of your options for dealing with any issue and help you determine what is right for you. Women's Services is a safe place to come and share your story and find understanding and acceptance.

We work hard to create a comfortable environment in our office, support groups, and events where you can be yourself, and in doing so, find similarities with other women. It is only when we allow ourselves to be real, flawed, quirky human beings that we can really connect.  We can also link you to others through various volunteer opportunities on campus and in the community.


We won't be satisfied if you get involved with us and come out no different. We are committed to providing services that empower you to be who you are, say what you feel, and do what you want and need to do. You can be assertive. You can be confident with your identity, your body, your life. We can offer perspective in the things you confide in us to give you an idea about where to go from here, what's coming next with your concern. We can give you the tools to deal with the unexpected in healthy, positive ways; we can provide hope.

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What We Do
What We Do

Confidential Consultations

Women's Services provides confidential consultations with a counselor to address any concern you may have. Whether you are dealing with sexual assault, recovering from an eating disorder, or concerned about a friend in an abusive relationship, we will address your concern and advise you concerning the resources available for your specific need. Consultations include 1-3 sessions and can be scheduled by calling our office at 801.422.4877.

Support Groups

Women's Services offers support groups that provide a safe place for women to discuss issues that are sensitive and private. Groups are designed to be a place of learning, openness, and encouragement where one can gain personal support. The Fed Up with Food support group is based loosely on the Twelve Step Program and views eating disorders as compulsive-addictive behavior. The purpose of the groups is to find more healthy coping mechanics and change destructive thought patterns while providing a support system. Mentoring helps participants to better cope with their eating problem by offering a listening ear when needed and providing women with a support system to help deal with the challenges that recovery presents. Other support groups offered vary each semester.

Educational Events and Conferences

Women's Services and Resources provides events addressing various women's issues, including body image and eating concerns, nutrition and health, reproductive health, abuse, and more. We also host several conferences annually addressing topics such as birthing methods, healthy relationships, and more. Additionally, the staff of WSR is available to give lectures, classes, or Relief Society meetings on any of the above topics.

Non Traditional Student Services For single parents returning to school, Women's Services offers scholarships based on individual need. If you are interested in the scholarships offered through Women's Services, please contact LaNae Valentine at 801.422.4820. We also provide helpful information for single parents in the handbooks on our website addressing topics such as child care, housing, dating, and more.

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Why We Do It

Our mission is to foster a culture of self-acceptance, non-violence and connection. We are a place of encouragement that addresses the issues affecting women today in a proactive, preventive way. Our goals are to educate the BYU campus and community on women's issues; to create a safe, inviting place for women to come where they can receive support, knowledge, and strength to meet the challenges facing women today; and to provide women with opportunities to serve other women. Our events and services are all free of charge and open to the BYU community. Most events are specifically for students, spouses of students, faculty, and staff, but many are open to the public as specified.

Recapturing Beauty

Recapturing Beauty is a campaign to reshape our ideas and attitudes about beauty away from those promoted in the popular culture. Our goal is to foster a culture of self-acceptance and a broader, more diverse definition of beauty. The definition of beauty has been high-jacked by a group of people and industries who have in mind profit more than beauty. We are sold ideas of beauty that are very hard to attain unless, of course, we have enough money. When we make beauty exclusive and difficult to attain, it sets up a culture of self-loathing, competition and envy. None of these reflect the true nature of women. Instead of embarking on more meaningful quests, we place our faith in products and images. Rather than being grateful for our bodies and treating them with respect and compassion, we attack, manipulate and try to control them, never feeling satisfied. Recapturing Beauty is about reclaiming the truth about beauty so that we can find peace and contentment in our bodies and in our lives.

Voices of Courage

The purpose of Voices of Courage is to engage men and women as allies in creating a culture of non-violence. Voices of Courage is a prevention campaign built upon the premise that each of can have an impact on the amount of violence in our culture. Each of us can make small behavioral choices that contribute to a more responsive environment that would ultimately and measurably reduce violence. If enough individuals model the importance of intervening in potentially abusive situations; if enough individuals use their words and behaviors to demonstrate our utter intolerance for violence; if enough individuals visibly and unapologetically support victims of violence - then we could re-shape our culture into one that is incompatible with sustaining any level of violence. Our goal is to create a willingness in a critical mass of individuals on our campus to do our part in our sphere of influence to create a culture of non-violence in our community.