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Single Parent Scholarships

Single Parent Scholarship Info

Single Parent Scholarship Application

As a single parent, paying for school can be difficult. Thanks to the generosity of private donors, Women’s Services & Resources at Brigham Young University has scholarships available to ease the burden many face when trying to balance work, school, childcare, and paying the bills.

Who can apply for a single parent scholarship through Women’s Services and Resources?
Single parent scholarships available through Women’s Services & Resources (WSR) are reserved for single parents. This includes having one or more dependent children in the home. Students who come from single-parent homes but are not single parents themselves are not eligible for these scholarships. Additionally, scholarships are typically reserved for undergraduate students, though graduate students are welcome to apply. Students must be admitted to BYU prior to applying for a WSR scholarship.

How can I apply for a WSR scholarship?
Scholarship applications are available online and can be accessed by clicking on the link above (Single Parent and Nontraditional Scholarship Application). As part of the application, you also need to submit a personal statement explaining your situation and financial need; instructions are included on the scholarship application. Once your application is complete and your personal statement is attached, you can submit the application in person at the WSR office or through email at

Are there admission or grade requirements for WSR single parent scholarships?
Students must be admitted to BYU and registered for classes in order to apply (not including online or Independent Study courses). Those who are selected for a scholarship will be required to maintain satisfactory progress toward graduation. While there is not a specific grade point requirement, recipients will be required to meet at least once during the semester with the Women’s Services & Resources manager to evaluate progress and additional needs.

What is the application deadline for WSR scholarships?
Unlike university scholarships, department scholarships may be administered in a more flexible manner. There is no set deadline for applying for the WSR scholarships, though awards are typically made in April for fall semester, October for winter semester, and March for spring and summer terms.

How will I know if I was selected for a WSR scholarship?
Applicants will be notified within 60 days of the receipt of their completed application.

If I have previously received a WSR scholarship, will I automatically receive one next year or do I need to reapply?
If you are interested in continuing to receive a WSR scholarship, you need to submit a new application. Scholarships are not automatically renewed.

Where can I find information on other scholarships available to women?
For more information on scholarships, check out BYU's scholarship website, EduMed Scholarships and Resources for Women, or this Guide to Finding and Applying for Scholarships for Women. There are many options out there available, and we hope you'll find these links helpful!